Few/a few/little/a little – określenia te uczący poznają bardzo wcześnie podczas swojej nauki języka angielskiego, ale nawet zaawansowane osoby bardzo często popełniają błędy w ich użyciu. Rzeczywiście, wyglądają bardzo podobnie, ale niosą nieco inny przekaz. W tym odcinku wyjaśniam różnice. Dowiesz się, które stosowane są z rzeczownikami policzalnymi, a które nie i co więcej, jakie są różnice między nimi. Na koniec jak zwykle zapraszam do pobrania karty pracy z ćwiczeniami – sprawdź, czy już wszystko umiesz i rozumiesz.

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Few i a few stosoujemy do rzeczwowników policzalnych

Na przykład

Few people, few books, few films

A few friends, a few books.


few oznacza po prostu mało – dla rzeczowników policzalnych

A few zaś – kilka.


There were a few people at the meeting so we could talk. – Było kilka osób na spotkaniu, więc mogliśmy pogadać – ma to wydźwięk pozytywny, dodatni.


Jeżeli powiemy zaś: There were few people at the meeting so we couldn’t  vote anything. – Było mało osób na spotkaniu I nie mogliśmy na nic zagłosować. – Ma to wydźwięk negatywny, niewystarczający.


Little i a little zaś odnoszą się, określają rzeczowniki niepoliczalne


Na przykład

He drinks little water. – On pije mało wody.


He drinks a little wine at parties. – On pije trochę win ana przyjęciach.

He has a little money, so let’s go party! – On ma trochę kasy, więc chodźmy na imprezę. –



Little oznacza mało dla rzeczowników niepoliczalnych

A little oznacza troche I ma to wydźwięk pozytywny


Należy więc zapamiętać, że few i little sugerują zbyt małą liczbę, a a few i a little mają bardziej pozytywny wydźwięk, podkreślają fakt, że czegoś jest więcej niż tylko troszeczkę.


Mówimy więc:


  • Little money – mało pieniędzy (zbyt mało by np. coś kupić)
  • Few books – mało książek
  • A little money – trochę pieniędzy ( mało, ale na coś tam starczy)
  • a few books – kilka książek


Jak to można spróbować zapamiętać?


Few ma trzy literki, więc bardzo mało…

A few ma cztery literki więc to już trochę więcej, zawsze coś…

Little ma mniej literek niż a little, więc little oznacza zupełnie mało, a little – o, to już coś zawsze jest…


Inne przykłady:

– I’ve got few friends – mam niewielu przyjaciół (oznacza to, że mam rzeczywiście mało przyjaciół, przydałoby się więcej)

– I’ve got a few friends. – mam paru przyjaciół (to nieźle, zawsze mogę się z kimś spotkać)

– I have little money  – mam mało pieniędzy (nie dam rady kupić nic konkretnego, na nic mi nie wystarczy)

– I have a little money – mam trochę pieniędzy (o! to może w coś zainwestuję, lub kupię nowy samochód)

– I have a little time today – mam dziś troche czasu (to może pójdę do kina..)


I jak zwykle spójrzmy, jak te wyrażenia stosowane są w piosenkach:



The Who – It’s Hard

Any tough can fight, few can play
Any fool can fall, few can lay
Any stud can reproduce, few can please
Anyone can pay, few can lease


It’s hard
It’s hard
(It’s a hard, hard hand to hold
(it’s a hard, hard hand to hold
It’s a hard land to control)
It’s a hard land to control)

Any man can claim, few can find
Any girl can blink, few can lie
Anyone can promise, few can raise
Anyone can try, but a few can stay

Any brain can hide, few can stand
Any kid can fly, few can land…


A few


Jay-Z – Suit and Tie

I be on my suit and tie shit, tie shit, tie
I be on my suit and tie shit, tie shit
Can I show you a few things?
A few things, a few things, little baby ’cause
I be on my suit and tie shit, tie shit
I be on my suit and tie shit, tie shit
Let me show you a few things
Let me show you a few things

Wait a minute, you ready, JT?

I can’t wait ’til I get you on the floor, good-looking
Going out so hot, just like an oven
And I’ll burn myself, but just had to touch it
It’s so fly and it’s all mine
Hey baby, we don’t mind all the watching, hi
'Cause if they study close, real close, they might learn something
She ain’t nothing but a little doozy when she does it
She’s so fly (she’s so fly) tonight

And as long as I’ve got my suit and tie
I’ma leave it all on the floor…


Toby Keith – A few more cowboys

If the White House was in Texas, man, we’d get a straighter answer
If they’d let us smoke what we want, we’d have a lot less cancer
There’d be a bunch more daddies, sons could be proud of
We’d have half the crime, we’d have twice the fun
With a few more cowboys, be a lot less outlaws
With a few more amens, be a lot less bad calls
With a few more yes ma’ams and a lot less yes man
This world would be a better place to live in
With a few more cowboys
If we did it with a handshake, we’d save a lot of paper
That’d save a lot of trees we’re shippin’ overseas to make her
If we stood by our word, took care of our own
Bought it made in the USA, we’d keep it here at home
With a few more cowboys, be a lot less outlaws
With a few more amens, be a lot less bad calls…


Jaheim – special day

Breakfast when you wake,
Along with the candle on a cupcake that I baked,
Catering you is much of my oblige,
Instead of stress and mirage,
You’re the beat to my heart,
Here’s a rose with no thorns on the stem, you’re a gem,
You’re the reason why i’ve, found 100 ways to,
Adore you 3 times a day, morning noon and night,
It’s for you

Today’s a special day for you,
These are a few, (these are a few, these are a few)
Things I’d like to do for you,
Today’s a special day for you,
These are a few, (these are a few, these are a few)
Things I’d like to share with you

I’m a fool for love today, honest I’ll do,
Anything you need me to, uh huh,
From sun rise to sun set on this ordinary day,
You can have it all your way,
That’s my job, you’re a heart throb,
Love’s the…




Took a while to drag me out of bed
Aim some coffee at my head
Saw the clock, I’m running late
It’s an ordinary day

And I’m like a dog on heat
Knock one out and then fall asleep
It’s sad but true
I’d rather be with you

Don’t you forget about me
When you’re a celebrity
It will be only you and me
Before too long

So little time, so much to do
I’d rather spend my days with you
So little time, so much to do
I’ like to spend one day with you

And if that day is not enough
Maybe we can stay and touch
But I’m not making plans
For tomorrow, for tomorrow
Never comes…

Said I’ve been celibate for years
Not out of choice there’s no – one here
See I can’t give my end away
Another ordinary day

And I’d love to see
A little more of you
Your clothes would look better
On my bedroom…


Matt Berninger – Loved So Little

With your pulled-on hair and your punched-up lips
And your city-mouse voice
I should have known that we’d get into this
If I didn’t watch the signals
And now you lean in the door in your fired-up skin
With your look all freedom, telling me that I’m in for it
If I can’t keep up

It’s only god or the devil when you’re in it
And I’m always getting caught in the middle
It’s so hard to be loved so little

Time to rip out the phone
Why are people still calling?
Don’t they know that we’re never gonna buy another batshit story
Of bad kids in the garden
Better bring your fear of flying and your lizard boy brain
To the top of the stairs, ’cause I don’t wanna have to
Come down again and find you lighting up

It’s only god or the devil when you’re in…


A  little


Lou bega – mambo no5,

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo Number Five

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the car, so come on, let’s ride
To the liquor store around the corner
The boys say they want some gin and juice
But I really don’t wanna
Beer bust like I had last week
I must stay deep because talk is cheap

I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita
And as I continue you know they getting sweeter
So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord
To me is flirting it’s just like sport, anything fly
It’s all good, let me dump it, please set in the trumpet

A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of Tina is what I see
A little bit of Sandra in the sun
A little bit of Mary all night long
A little bit of Jessica,…


Erasure – a little respect

I try to discover
A little something to make me sweeter
Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart
I’m so in love with you
I’ll be forever blue
That you gimme no reason
Why you make-a-me work so hard

That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no

Soul, I hear you calling
Oh baby please give a little respect to me

And if I should falter
Would you open you arms out to me
We can make love not war
And live at peace with our hearts
I’m so in love with you
I’ll be forever blue
What religion or reason
Could drive a man to forsake his lover

Don’t you tell me no
Don’t you tell me no
Don’t you tell me no
Don’t you tell me no

Soul, I hear you calling
Oh baby please give a little respect to me